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On Board Data Acquisition system

In the vastly networked, truly border-less world of the information age, the new role of leadership involves the knowledge. Shipping Industry starts to widely recognize the added-value of information technology to its business competitiveness and sustained growth.

On Board Data Acquisition system Key Points

  • Managing remotely multimillion worth investments through real time information flow from board to the shore management is, without doubt, the most efficient way for cost control and maximise profit.
  • Systematic ship data acquisition and forwarding ashore is a must in modern ship management.

  • On board ship data acquisition should be done intelligently in order to provide shore management with easy to understand and prompt to use information.
  • There are different priorities and criteria in ship data acquisition techniques depending on what is intended do with.

  • For real time on board energy efficiency and GHG emission management same time-stamp readings of performance data are essential.
  • Providing ship management with historic records for day to day administration and decision making, average periodic readings are sufficient.

On Board Data Acquisition system How It Works

Managing remotely multimillion worth investment through real time information is the most efficient way to have maximum profit.


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