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Torque Meter

RPM – Torque meter is a tool measuring the shaft Torque and RPM (power) produced by an Engine or delivered to the propeller.

Since 1980’s we have built and installed thousand units on board ships using highly accurate and reliable technology for RPM – Torque (Power) measurement.

Extremely accurate real time readings are instantly displayed in ECR Display and/or on Bridge.

Crew may find it hard to evaluate Main engine performance through the Torque meter alone. Becomes a Performance optimization system if coupled to fuel flow meter and to ship’s speed.

Fully compatible with D-SSP system

Torque Meter Key Points

ABAMAR Torque meters are built for:

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Accuracy
  • Quick and Easy installation

We employ the ultra reliable:

  • Strain gauge technology in
  • Rugged construction with
  • Contact less power supply and
  • Contact less signal transmission, offering
  • Splash water proof protection
  • With self calibrating technology through Automatic procedure


  • RPM – POWER – Revs
  • RPM – Torque – Power
  • RPM – Power – Energy
  • Average counters
  • Total counters
  • Partial counters
  • Machine Running hours
  • Torsion vibration signal available

Torque Meter How It Works

A highly accurate and reliable system for RPM – Torque measurement


Torque Meter

On Board Data Acquisition system

D-SSP System

Fleet Management solution

Shaft power limitation

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