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Ship performance and energy efficiency are quite new concepts in the shipping industry. Our 36 year deep expertise in performance studying and energy efficiency system design will be a great help to crew and ship management to apprehend the concept behind and how to achieve quick results.

What We Offer

Data Hosting on our Servers

We can host ship data and FLEETSURVEY on our servers, taking also charge of periodic DBMS maintenance. This includes also systematic verification of the data integrity, data quality and flow continuity.

Ship performance analysis - trends

Special Reports

Fleet Performance Supervision

We provide Feet Performance continuous supervision service, deep anaylysis and trends, reporting of EU compliant MRV and Flag state.

Ship performance management

Training courses on the depth of FLEETSURVEY

FLEETSURVEY is an Open Architecture application built for the specific purpose of Ship data deep analysis. This means that FS functions are not limited to those on the menu. Users may expand the automated, one click, functions of the system

Customer Support

Our technology allows us to offer prompt worldwide support to our Customers straight from our desks. Indeed following the installation and commissioning of our systems on board and ashore there is no need to charge our customers expensive travel and accommodation costs for reaching our systems on board ships. We can connect and reach any of our systems on board or ashore, make routine maintenance, eventual data corrections, and upgrades from our desk.

Turn key solution – Minimal installation costs

ABACUS MARINE UNIQUE VERTICAL SUPPLIES D-SSP Hardware: Everything built at home: ME Rpm, Torque, Power meter, Computerised Systems, Interface boards, Signal Hubs, Flow meter interfaces, Ad-hoc interfaces. Upon order reception we take exclusively care of all necessary procedures with vessel third party suppliers prior to installation and commissioning on board and ashore. This assures we get the most of ship data available at minimum bother.

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 Take a Look at our EEXI ShaPoLI system

derived from our 40 year expertise in Power measurment and ship performance

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