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About Abacus Marine

Since 1983 ABACUS MARINE is dedicated in Ship Sailing Performance optimization. The reasons we took a closer look at ship performance:

1. Since a vessel enters in operation it is normal her performance start decay due to the environment and aging.

2. Every machine is built for a predefined regime of highest efficiency. Unfortunately machinery on ships do not run at highest efficiency, because of loading condition, sea state, weather condition, wind and currents, slow steaming, crew comfort, etc.

3. Frequent engine overloading results in excessive wear down, higher spare part demand and frequent repairs. Also, excessive fuel oil consumption, higher GHG emissions, more crew and shore management stress, conflicts with charter parties, claims and often large penalties.

4. Ship owners placing tenths of million dollars investment in the hands of people having not always sufficient knowledge and training, need to dispose a tool allowing not being “the last to know the first to pay”.

Considering above points exclusively from Naval architecture and Mechanical engineering and economic point of view, FOUR generations of systems have seen the light in our workshops and fitted on more than 860 vessels, since 1983.

Since 1983 ABACUS MARINE is dedicated in Ship Sailing Performance optimization.

Why Abacus Marine? It's the details that make the difference

We have a unique 36 year expertise in ship performance and energy efficiency on board ship.We have already released FOUR generations of energy efficiency systems. Ship performance data where printed and sent ashore since 1984.

Upon order reception we take exclusively care of all necessary procedures with vessel third party suppliers prior to installation and commissioning on board and ashore. This assures we get the most of ship data available at minimum bother.

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derived from our 40 year expertise in Power measurment and ship performance

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