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Fleet Management solution

The wide range of and the way we acquire vessel data will build a solid and powerful, accurate, systematic and reliable information database, the soul of ship management. Operation, Technical, Chartering departments will find prompt and reliable information on vessel data RDBMS.


D-SSP & FLEETSURVEY will lead you with success without effort and strain from Colombus style in the digital marine management era where performance and efficiency in real time, both on board and ashore is the key to survive and being competitive in the charter market.

Fleet Management solution Key Points

  • FLEET SURVEY is a web based client / server system allowing to “BE ON BOARD ROUND THE CLOCK FROM ANYWHERE AT ZERO COST”.
  • Ship data alarm settings will promptly inform people in charge ashore of any deviation in performance.
  • User friendly, open architecture, user expandable functions, query building, data plotting.
  • Data plotting and analysis, thorough investigation of events, claims and thorough reporting services.
  • All Ship reporting (noon, cargo, bridge, fuel use, CO2 emission, voyage etc), charter reporting is build-in FLEETSURVEY

  • Voyage data analysis and MRV automatic report generation
  • Voyage data analysis and Flag state reporting generation
  • FLEETSURVEY includes exceptional tools for propeller and hull condition, dry docking optimum period, speed loss, fuel excess due to fouling, propeller surface growth, etc.
  • Full control of your fleet data.
  • Full ownership of your fleet data.

  • RDBMS may be hosted on cloud, at ship owner premises or in our servers. Data ownership is of ship owner.
  • RDBMS is open to allow data use by third party applications, as planed maintenance or any future application.
  • The web based open architecture of FEETSURVEY offers unlimited power to users to continuously enhance their productivity in all shipping departments and allow remote co-working with top efficiency. While you are in Office, from home, in hotel around the world using a PC, Tablet or mobile phone you will feel

Fleet Management solution How It Works

Be on board your ship, round the clock, from everywhere, at zero cost


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Fleet Management solution

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