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Since 1983 ABACUS MARINE is dedicated in Ship Performance optimization. The reasons we took a closer look at ship performance

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Experience and Expertise

We have a unique 36 year expertise in ship performance and energy efficiency on board ship.

4th Generation System

We have already released FOUR generations of ship energy efficiency optimizing systems. Ship performance data where available ashore since 1984.

We Embrace New Ideas

We have been pioneers in Full ship data acquisition and forwarding ashore back in 2006.

Energy Efficiency Minimising GHG

We apply the most profit making and UNIQUE approach for ship performance and energy efficiency concept minimizing GHG emission. Our solutions do not constitute a cost for a ship owner but a quick payback investment.

Real Time Energy Efficiency

We have the world first ON-LINE REAL TIME DYNAMIC energy efficiency optimizing system which provides prompt diagnostic of any loss of efficiency on board and supply the correct IMMEDIATE action to be taken.

Real Time Control

D-SSP system on board will spare time and resources ashore for data analysis

Reports and Data

D-SSP Ship data acquisition fulfill the primary scope of maintaining highest efficiency on board, then will sent acquired data and actions taken on board ashore to be permanently stored ready to supply answers on future owners and managers queries.

Competence & Expertise

Ship Performance and Energy efficiency requires competence and expertise. We are one of the very few to dispose both.


Torque Meter

On Board Data Acquisition system

D-SSP System

Fleet Management solution

Shaft power limitation

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IMO Guidance on the Development of a Ship Efficiency Management Plan
Articles, / February 10, 2009

IMO Guidance on the Development of a Ship Efficiency Management Plan

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