SSIB System

SPA System and Ship to Shore Information Bridge

Ship Profitability does not depend merely on her speed and daily fuel consumption, but on her individual machinery performance and on her cargo operations performance.

SPA beyond being an onboard Sailing Performance Optimization system, can be at the same time a cost free Information bridge supplying round the clock information of ship performance to shore management.

  • Ship position
  • Sailing performance
  • Machinery performance
  • Cargo & Service tanks data
  • Cargo operations performance

Indeed, it will be a big relieve for your crew and your shore management if you:

  • Spare wasted crew time of data collection and reporting
  • Give your crew that time to better perform their mission
  • Scrap communication costs from your daily expenses
  • Have ashore present and past full ship information at every desk
  • And consider SPASSIBFLEET SURVEY to replace your VDR, in the near future.

Because our mission is to, transform wasted investments in profit-making ones.

A piece of information may seam worthless if you do not need it. It becomes invaluable the moment you need it

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